C’est Bon Kultur poster

So we made a bunch of posters to sell at the Stockholm Small Press Expo, reprinting three past covers of C’est Bon Anthology: Kolbeinn Karlsson‘s for vol. 20/21, Sarah Kläpp‘s for vol. 22, and my own (ancient, in comparison) for vol. 11. It’s a super limited edition of 20 copies a piece, but if they…

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Beasts, beauties, and Borowczyk

Yeah, sorry for the pulpy title, but the post warrants it I made the above illustration for the Electric Sheep movie website, to go with their spotlight on Polish director Walerian Borowczyk. I made a fair amount of research into Borowczyk and his films in preparation for the illustration, which I will unload below the…

Beasts, beauties, and Borowczyk was originally published on Allan Haverholm

This, oh this…!

I came upon this via Twitter this morning: Sam Lavigne wrote a program that will turn any text into a patent application. Of course, that’s just delightful in itself, especially with the sample output he supplies: Kafka’s The Hunger Artist becomes “An apparatus and device for staring into vacancy”, and from the illustration idex to…

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Riff no. 2

My second riff on Minutemen’s Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me. More about why and for what here. Trying some typography & collage for this one. Basically made up of stuff I had in my scrap drawer that I keep for the same purpose. My ancient LetraSet transfer sheets are running low on certain letters,…

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First of a series of riffs

So I jumped at the opportunity to do a comic for Warren Craghead’s Minutemen tribute anthology, which is going to be great no matter how bad my contribution sucks. There are a bunch of great people working on this that I know of, but I don’t think anyone has been officially announced so I’m not…

First of a series of riffs was originally published on Allan Haverholm

I don’t know. Do you feel observant of that after all the years you’ve been doing things, because you started just before there were blogs, then there were blogs, and now there kind of aren’t blogs anymore (unless you count Tumblr, but Tumblr’s a micro-blogging platform— it’s not really blogging the same way)…?  Do you feel like things have built up and crumbled or… Or is it just something you don’t think about or…?  Like, when I think about that old column— the only way the story of that old column makes sense is to remember an internet that I can’t even imagine anymore.  I can’t imagine an internet without youtube— it’s as distant to me as trying to remember using a modem that made a sound like a living animal’s soul being sent to hell to connect to some rad BBS. That squee-squach-SCRRRRRCH noise.  There are still people writing long things but I feel like things have gotten quicker and glibber and slicker and more buzzfeed-y.  There are movie websites where everything is in all-caps, and it’s like… I just feel old.  I just feel like an old person.  

“KENNETH GOLDSMITH: I feel he stepped in shit and is now trying to get out of it in an interesting way. Instead of the usual rounds of apologies and promising to do better next time, he’s had a change of mind, one that says, hey, maybe what I did wasn’t so bad if I could frame it properly. So, in the aftermath, he’s scrambled to cite folks who have thought long and hard about how to view cultural materials as shared, rather than proprietary, as befits the digital age. That said, his plagiarizing of those materials and apologies and so forth, have been very sloppy, and as such, not tremendously convincing. Anyone who has worked with shared and borrowed materials for a long time knows that there is a certain degree of craft involved, something LaBeouf has no clue about. Plagiarizing well is hard to do. Had he done it well, he might not have gotten the blowback that he has.”

Cinema is the only art that operates with the concept of time. Not because of its developing in time, because so does music and theater and ballet and other artforms. I mean time in the literal sense; After all, what is a take? From when we say, ‘Action!’ To when we end by saying, “Cut.” What is happening?

It is the fixing of reality, the fixing of time. The conservation of time - for us to keep forever…No other art form can fix time except cinema. So film is a mosaic of time.

— Andrei Tarkovsky (via mindseyeproductions)

Poor Tarkovsky, all those years he was saying “film” when he really meant to say “comics”.

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A diagram from Metaphysical Magazine, 1900, in an article entitled “Nature’s Analogies” by John Hazelrigg.


Thirty fucking days. #30dayscomics #comics #process

Sweet! When is the book coming out?